14 July, 2013

00 Hello

Hi guys, it's my first post on this blog. For start I would like to tell you something about me and future posts.

Currently I'm a student at Faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, last 3 years I've been programming microcontrollers. PIC was mine first one, and now I'm interested in ARM. There hasn't been much big projects, but there has been some smaller ones. Some of them I would like to share on this blog.

Some ideas are:
- how to make completely new blinky project in Keil uVision 4 (I had quite big problems with making project from scratch, mostly because I'm a only beginner with ARM microcontrollers)
- how to send character from computer to lm3s6965 by serial port
- well that's it for now =)


P.S. There's another blog for those who like geek fashion Geeke Fatal

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